Vietnam Tourism Drops by Half

Tourism throughout Vietnam has dropped by 70% since January 2020. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism cited the COVID-19 pandemic for their financial losses. Roughly eighteen million international tourists arrive at the borders of Vietnam from January to June, with this period acting as their summer. That number dropped to 3.7 million tourists
The Government Statistics Office of Vietnam provided these critical details, emphasizing that international tourism campaigns must be implemented to sustain their profits past 2020. GSO Vietnam indicated that their full visitor count for 2020 wouldn’t exceed past ten million, which is eight lower than the standard valuation seen.

Vietnam Politicians were forced to enact Travel Restrictions & Social Distancing Measures after COVID-19 became an international pandemic. Airfare operators worldwide cancelled flights & international tourism ceased to exist for nearly six months. It’s barely present now, with Vietnam losing an influx of profits daily. It’ suspected that roughly $150 thousand in American Dollars is being lost per day for the Vietnam Tourism Industry.

Another disappointing detail revealed by the Government Statistics Office of Vietnam was that “Domestic Tourism” fell by 50% from January to June in 2020. GSO Agents clarified that 23 million civilians traversed their homeland, with 80% avoiding lodging with hotels. The hospitality industry dropped to 20% of their average profit margins. It’s suspected that the overall tourism market in Vietnam will drop by USD 7.6 Billion. It’ll make their most prominent losses in history.

International Tourism Dropping

Vietnam isn’t the independent nation being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all countries worldwide have terminated their international tourism policies, requiring outsides to remain within their borders. Evidence suggests that 95% of travel companies in Vietnam have suspended business operations, which is consistent elsewhere in tourism hotspots. Nations like Italy & Spain were drastically affected by this pandemic as well.

The Vietnam Government began allowing for COVID-19 Lockdown Measures to begin being lifted in Mid-May. Domestic flights were resumed, but international transport remains cancelled for concerns of coronavirus outbreaks. Politicians haven’t clarified when international tourism will continue, with delegations regarding how this can be accomplished safely still being maintained. An announcement is suspected to be made for July 31st or August 1st.

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