British Tourists Flea Back Home

Nearly fourteen days have passed since the United Kingdom began experiencing outbreaks of Covid-19 (Strain VUI-2020/21). Nations worldwide initiated travel restrictions onto homebound civilians from Great Britain & Northern Ireland. It prompted individuals that’d travelled for the holidays to locate an immediate method for travel. Nations like Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands eliminated flights from leaving airports towards the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of tourists from Great Britain travelled to Switzerland’s Verbier Ski Resort. December 20th saw Switzerland announce an imposed travel ban onto the United Kingdom, with that announcement made later into the evening. UK Residents located at Verbier were seen leaving the resort from 12am to 6am, with the Ski Lodge being almost empty by the late morning.

Switzerland & dozens of other nations worldwide hadn’t any choice but to impose travel restrictions onto Great Britain. Covid Strain VUI-2020/21 sustains transmission percentages 70% higher than the non-mutated version of coronavirus. Outbreaks in Great Britain reached 39+ thousand cases by December 23rd, the highest national average since March 2020.

The Swiss Federal Council formalized an initial ten-day quarantine measure, which required individuals that’d entered the country between December 14th to 20th to isolate themselves for ten days. This measure was made exclusive to travellers from South Africa & the United Kingdom. Individuals wanting to avoid ten days of quarantine in Switzerland, with an additional fourteen days in Great Britain, left immediately. Those that didn’t leave immediately were subjected to quarantine by December 21st.

Bagnes, a village nearby the Verbier Ski Resort had local representatives discussed the hundreds of UK Civilians that departed. It was mentioned that 370 tourists were recorded leaving between 12am to 6am, with most heading towards France before their travel ban on Great Britain became effective. Individuals that returned to Great Britain by December 21st to 22nd witnessed the worst outbreaks this historic nation has experienced. Those individuals went from a safe country supporting minimal cases, to one of the worst nations fighting against Covid.

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