Tenerife Island Closes Borders to International Travellers

International travellers aren’t permitted inside the borders of Tenerife Island, Spain. Regional cases for Covid-19 have increased, prompting government officials to implement lockdown measures & travel restrictions. The shutdown isn’t being sustained for long periods, with Tenerife Government confirming that borders will reopen after December 31st. It’s an unfortunate announcement for individuals booking vacations at resorts in Tenerife Island. Tourists from Great Britain & Northern Ireland are most affected by the unexpected closure, with Spain being a popular tourist destination for the United Kingdom. Travellers anticipating vacations on Christmas and New Years Eve are permitted refunds through their travel agencies.

Thousands of individuals from the United Kingdom have cancelled their vacation packages in Tenerife Island, prompting another financial blow for the “European Union Tourist Sector”. Individuals educating themselves of informal updates with the EUTS aren’t surprised by the border closure. Great Britain was working towards restarting flights to various European nations by Christmas & New Year’s Eve.

Their efforts would prove useless, with tourism associations demanding the Canary & Tenerife Islands be removed from the “UK Travel Safe List”. The percentage of infections in Canary forced politicians to adhere to those demands. Adherence wasn’t awarded for Tenerife Island, prompting the Island’s Government into eliminating international tourists from their shores. It’s a direct response towards the ignorance displayed by the UK Parliament.

Announcements regarding border closures were issued by Angel Victor Torres, the President for Canary Island’s Government. Locals were informed that travelling isn’t permitted for themselves either, with various exemptions listen. Canary Island Residents can travel when the following applies:

  • Health Concerns.
  • Government-Approved Education.
  • Educational Exams.
  • Urgent Judicial Action.

Most individuals living inside the borders of Tenerife Island aren’t affected by the border closure, understanding it’s more for their safety than anything else. Residents with Health Concerns are likely to travel before Christmas or New Year’s Eve, with the remaining exemptions avoided because of the holidays. Tenerife Island will resume operations as usual by January 1st, 2021. It should be noted that the “United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office” has supported Tenerife Island in their border closure.

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