International Tourism Reopening in Russia

The Kremlin, Chernobyl, Lake Baikal, and Mount Elbrus could become open to international tourists without the requirement of fourteen-day self-isolation. This comes after the Russian government announced they’d begun negotiations for the resumption of active borders. Listed as a “Kremlin Decree” & signed by Vladimir Putin; foreigners can avoid isolation by providing documents that prove their health.

Updated Measures

The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia confirmed that foreigners wanting to travel their borders without a period of isolation could provide proof of their negative COVID-19 test. This test must be validated by that foreigner’s respective government & have been issued within the 72-Hours before their arrival. Additional analysis for COVID-19 will be maintained upon meeting Russian Border Agents. These tests are conducted to ensure the virus wasn’t contracted after the foreigners initial swabbing for coronavirus.

Those arriving in Russia without required documents will receive the same COVID-19 test from border agents. However, they’ll be forced to remain in an isolated facility for 72-Hours before permitted entry to Russia. That’s the length it takes for negative or positive status confirmation in Russia.

Negotiations Begin

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova informed Russian press that negotiations began on July 10th. Parties involved requested that international flights be permitted to restart operations for July 15th. Vladimir Putin & Tatiana Golikova both approved those requests. List of available flights to date is minimal, with Russian authorities having to make formal agreements with democratic governments. Tatiana detailed that negotiations won’t be conducted unless nations are maintaining 40 Cases per 100 Thousand Civilians. Few nations actively traverse Russia with those COVID-19 ratings. International tourists could find themselves barred from entering this nation following high infection statuses in their country.

The international backlash was seen against the conditions issued by Russia’s Kremlin. Their facing higher infection rates that 40 Cases per 100 Thousand Civilians. It’s known that 738,787 Russian Citizens have contracted the virus. However, those are numbers based on Kremlin’s figures. Both the American & British Governments suspect the value is much higher. Governments from nations like Canada, Spain, Australia, Italy, and Ireland have disputed the possibility of negotiating with Russia for resumed international travel. The Kremlin must first release accurate figures.

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