The English Anger Portugal Over Tourism Restrictions

The Government of Portugal has growth furious with Great Britain & the United Kingdom. Disbelief arrived at tourism businesses located in Portugal after Boris Johnson confirmed that their nation wouldn’t be permitted on the “Green List”. This means that all British Civilians arriving & departing from Portugal must commit to fourteen days of Self-Isolation. Restrictions will enforce continued losses in the Portuguese Tourism Industry, which accounts for a significant portion of their annual GDP.

Boris Johnson announced that Portugal would remain under the “Red List”, which 100+ nations that haven’t been deemed safe enough for international travel. Portuguese Government Officials believe that COVID-19 Restrictions shouldn’t be enforced to British civilians wanting to travel to Portugal for vacations. Their mindsets come after a substantial increase in cases of COVID-19 throughout the Lisbon Region.

Profits will drop drastically for the Portuguese Tourism Industry, which annually obtains 2.1 Foreign Visitors from Great Britain. They’re the 2nd most prominent vacation spot for British Tourists, with the 1st being Spain. It should be clarified that Spain is permitted on the “Green List”, with the Spanish Tourism Association noting immediate bookings from British tourists.

Southern Algarve City is infamous for maintaining tropical weather, prompting hundreds of thousands to visit per year before COVID-19. They’re a perfect example of how restricted tourism could enforce an entire city to be evacuated. No jobs & finances mean homes can’t be sustained. That’s why the Mayor of Southern Algarve City is clarifying that Spanish restaurants have adapted, providing numerous locations for sanitation. Antonio Pina mentioned that they’ve trained local health authorities & ensured hospitals are accurately prepared under the worst conditions.

Safety Above Money

These ploys haven’t been enough to convince Boris Johnson & other elected officials throughout Great Britain. Antonio finished his sentiments by remarking how the COVID-19 situation in Portugal hasn’t adequately been explained to British civilians. He hopes that the British Government will reconsider & properly educate tourists that their safe to traverse regions like Southern Algarve City.

It’s unlikely that Boris Johnson will reconsider, with Portugal facing a 2nd Wave of COVID-19. They’re currently the second highest-infected nation in the European Union. Permitting civilians to enter any region in Portugal could prompt adversely affects the British Government.

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