Scottish Government Considers July 15th Restart for Tourism

International tourists will be permitted to enter Scotland by July 15th, with reports from inside sources informing news outlets that Scottish Politicians are discussing how to move forward with tourism during the 3rd Phase. These inside sources clarified that the timeframe could easily be altered depending on the confirmed cases of COVID-19. Scotland is currently experiencing a downward trend with its recorded infections. However, the 2nd wave of COVID-19 has been experienced by all nations worldwide. Scotland shouldn’t see different results, which has prompted critics to dispute a tourism sector restart.

No confirmations regarding the July 15th date have been provided by the Scottish Government. It was announced this week by the Tourism Sectary that an appointed task force has been created. They’ll advise politicians on the recovery efforts required to relaunch international tourism, which will require large delegations with the United Kingdom Government. The Tourism Sectary of Scotland also confirmed they’ll launch a global marketing campaign when restrictions are lifted.

Companies operating in the Scotland Tourism Sector have been informed they’ll receive a “Relief Aid Package”, which will be divided amongst thousands of business throughout this nation. The tourism sector is sharing these finances with the hospitality industry, with the package valuation listed at £2.3 billion. Inquirers invoke grant requests directly through the Scottish Government to obtain approval.

When announcing the Tourism Task Force of Scotland, the Secretary also admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic had created unfavourable challenges for the Scottish Economy. Logistical challenges will require unique circumstances to maintain the tourism industry, with this extending towards all marketspaces throughout Scotland. Clarifications regarding these circumstances cannot be made until delegations with the UK Government is complete. Boris Johnson has the final word on what legislation is enacted to protect Scottish civilians.

Prepare for the Worst

Leaked information from inside sources has prompted these businesses to begin preparing themselves for an industry restart. Safety measures will have to be enacted, with those protocols most likely to resemble similar enforcement in Great Britain. This means civilians are having to self-isolate themselves for two weeks after arriving in the country. Conditions of this nature will limit the level of tourism seen throughout Scotland, with most not willing to prolong their stay & associated cost to travelling.

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