Jamaica Reopens International Tourism

International visitors are permitted to resume bookings in Jamaica by June 15th. This follows after the Jamaican Government announced that their restarting tourism with COVID-19 Measures in place. It’s not surprising that Jamaica made this announcement, with their Island being heavily dependent on international guests. The average GDP Percentage earned by tourism for Jamaica is 35%, with 120+ thousand civilians being employed. Coronavirus affected this nation after their most considerable recorded growth, which was hoped to repeat throughout 2020. It’s now expected that Jamaica will face years of downward trends before sustaining similar growth to 2019.

This nation confirmed that arriving visitors will be mandated to rigorous protocols. Refusal to adhere by these protocols will prompt that individual being “Held in Contempt” until a return flight home can be sustained. These extensive measures are being imposed to ensure that COVID-19 doesn’t infect their masses, with medical experts saying that’s unavoidable by reopening their international tourism. Donavon White stands as the Jamaican Director of Tourism & has continuously protested the advice of medical experts, claiming their protocols will sustain a healthy environment for guests.

Donavon White clarified that this advancement in stopping COVID-19 with international tourism extends beyond other Caribbean Islands. This is because their Mandatory Protocols require 120+ thousand active personnel to master COVID-19 Protection Measures. Hotels & Resorts will maintain “Isolation Sectors”, which support multiple rooms for infected guests if a coronavirus outbreak is seen. Those displaying symptoms will receive medical assistance from employed doctors in the Jamaican Medical Service. It should be noted their Healthcare is considerably outdated compared to North America, and the European Union.

The Hurdles

Travellers wanting to visit Jamaica have to go through multiple hurdles, including Pre-Authorization Status. This means obtaining permission the Jamaican Government & that visitor’s respective nations. Considering that Travel Restrictions still apply in the United States and Canada, the two most popular international groups that visit Jamaica, receiving this authorization is almost impossible. After obtaining permission, foreign tourists must than allow a COVID-19 PCR Test to be administered by the Jamaican Public Health Department. This will be accomplished after passing through Immigration & Customs. Hours later visitors are informed of their result, and if they’ll be permitted to enter Jamaica.

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