Cyprus Reopening International Tourism on June 9th

June 9th marks the date when Cyprus will reopen their international tourism operations. This includes their airports becoming active again after entering closure status for three months. Obtaining foreign civilians to visit their stunning island will prove challenging after COVID-19, with the average tourist concerned for their safety from this virus. Cyprus is responding by enacting the “COVID Health Care Coverage Plan”, which will support all associated costs for healthcare if tourists obtain the infection. Even with these measures being implemented, Cyprus Tourist Officials anticipate a 70% decline in activity and profits. They hope their predicts will prove incorrect with this Bold & Revolutionary strategy.

The Deputy Tourist Minister of Cyprus, Savvas Perdios, mentioned that civilians aren’t expecting to make profits this year. Funds obtained will be staged towards recovery efforts & operation costs. Not only will this affect the standard civilian in Cyprus, but it’ll also deter the gross domestic income of this nation. National tourism accounts for 15% of the Cyprus GDP, with all profits associated with this percentage being terminated after international travel was cancelled worldwide.

Cyprus Tourist Details

British & Russian Tourists account for 50% of the Cyprus Tourism Collective, with the remaining percentage coming from North America and the remainder of Europe. On average there are four million visitors to Cyprus, with that number slated to be considerably smaller in the 3rd & 4th quarter of 2020. That’s because nations like Russia & Britain haven’t lifted their travelling restrictions, forcing flights to these destinations to be postponed until restrictions are lifted.

It should be mentioned that nineteen nations are designated as “Unacceptable” for Cyprus, with the remainder permitted. Their 1st flight slated to arrive on Tuesday after Larnaca Airport & Paphos Airport reopen from Athens, Greece. Those from Greece, Germany, Malta, and Bulgaria are permitted to travel to Cyprus for a summer vacation.

Those that arrive at Cyprus will be required to show a Negative COVID-19 Test within the last three business days. Refusal will prompt that individual from not entering the borders of Cyprus. Security measures are stringent during Pre-Coronavirus for Cyprus, ensuring that their civilians aren’t infected with a 2nd wave.

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