Maldives Reopens International Tourism

July 15th marked the date when the Maldivian Borders reopened for international tourists, with a large percentage of their Resorts remaining closed. An update from provided from the Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation, which revealed that 43 Resorts have reopened, with the remaining 113 slated to resume at the latest of October 2020. The Maldives Ministry of Tourism is requiring that all visitors obey an onslaught of Health & Safety Measures, ensuring that local populations are somewhat protected from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Additional details were released by the Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation, revealing that 28 Resorts are opening their doors by the end of August 2020. Most of those locations weren’t confirmed publicly by MMPRC, with those Resorts themselves making the announcement. It’s known that the Centara’s Maldivian Resorts, Coco Collection Resorts, and Joali Maldives Properties.

Locals have approved the decision of the Maldivian Government, with a large percentage of this Island Nation dependent on tourism. The Tourism Employees Association of Maldives has 25+ thousand citizens working under their banner. Having these resorts reopened for “The Winter Summer Months” allows for operational corporations in the Maldives to sustain minor profits, with a large percentage of the workforce being permitted to return. COVID-19 Travel Restrictions will limit the number of profits earned by the 156 Resorts in the Maldives.

The Maldivian Ministry of Tourism is requiring that all 156 Resorts implement guidelines under the “COVID-19 Safe Tourism Act”. This means that these locations must receive approval under the Hygiene Certification Programme, which demands protective measures to guarantee the safety of active personnel & travelling visitors. The Maldives has a large percentage of their visitors arrive from the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. These three nations have seen a resurgence of COVID-19 over the last two weeks. Without the COVID-19 Safe Tourism Act, the Maldives would be at serious jeopardy of a coronavirus outbreak.

Lack of Visitors

The Managing Director for Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation confirmed that they’re prepared to welcome back international tourism, that the safety of locations & visitors ins their top priority. Medical Experts in the United Kingdom & Spain have warned travellers to remain local, not exposing international allies to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These warnings will see the Maldives have considerably lower tourism visitation records for 2020.

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