Status of Latin American Tourism Operations

Latin America, it’s considered one of the more tropical destinations for international tourists not looking to spend an influx of finances. The combination of these attributes has made it popular with tourists for decades, with nations like Mexico and Panama seeing hundreds of millions arrive in their borders yearly. That all changes with the emittance of COVID-19, the worst virus seen to humanity in 100+ years.

Tourism worldwide was effectively shut down for the safety of locals & international guests. Since conditions surrounding the virus have begun to damper worldwide, certain nations in Latin America have reopened the tourism industry. Others are slated to open in the coming weeks, with eleven Latin American countries remaining closed to international visitors.
Reopening tourism operations has proven unconditional for some nations, like Mexico. An influx of infections has broken-out throughout popular tourist locations like Cancun. The Mexican Government haven’t implemented any COVID-19 Social Distancing Requirements while refusing to test visitors.

That’s why we’ve compiled information on which Latin American nations are Closed, Reopening shortly, or have already begun their tourism operations. Read below to locate that information.

Closed Latin American Countries

  • Argentina – Closed.
  • Bolivia – Closed.
  • Chile – Closed.
  • French Guiana – Closed.
  • Guyana – Closed.
  • Honduras – Closed.
  • Nicaragua – Closed.
  • Paraguay – Closed.
  • Peru – Closed.
  • Uruguay – Closed.
  • Venezuela – Closed.

Reopening Latin American Countries

  • Belize – Resuming Shortly on August 15th. Coronavirus test required for admittance.
  • Colombia – International tourism in Colombia will resume by August 31st.
  • El Salvador – Government officials, are permitting international tourism by August 18th.
  • Guatemala – Resuming international tourism after August 15th. Expect many restrictions.
  • Panama – August 22nd marks the date when Panama will reopen international tourism.
  • Suriname – Tourism will reopen in Suriname by August 14th. Coronavirus Restrictions apply.

Open Latin American Countries

  • Brazil – Reopened on July 29th for all International Countries. Visa, Travel Insurance, and Temperature Checks are required.
  • Costa Rica – Reopened on August 1st for International Countries with low-risk of coronavirus. This included Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. COVID-19 test required, as is travel insurance & epidemiological surveys.
  • Ecuador – June 1st marked the date where Ecuador reopened their international tourism. Requirements include a COVID-19 PCR Test that can be administered by a home-based doctor or Ecuadorian Health official.
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