$35 Million Pledged to Saskatchewan Tourism Industry

The Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program made an official announcement regarding financial support for their industry. Hotels & Event Organizers operational in Saskatchewan can apply for financial aid through the STSSP starting August 24th. The accumulation of funds designated to Saskatchewan’s tourism sector is $35 Million, which is low in comparison to other provinces across Canada. Building resiliency in the market has become the primary concern for Saskatchewan Tourism Minister, Gene Makowsky.

STSSP clarified that awarded funds are designated as non-repayable, meaning their gifts awarded through the government to ensure survival for certain businesses nearing bankruptcy. It’s known that Event Organizers & Hotels can receive a maximum of $50,000.00. The amount awarded is dependent on the sales revenue of each respective application. Operators of Saskatchewan-based tours & attractions are highly limited in what funds can be amassed through STSSPs Financial Aid Program. The maximum available to these operators is $15,000.00. Most will receive $7,500.00 to $10,000.00.

The Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program is also permitting Non-Profit Organizations to receive financial aid, with a similar maximum of $15,000.00. The minor backlash from taxpayers in Saskatchewan has arisen from this particularly legislative order. Non-Profits are designated charities that aren’t meant to obtain taxpayer dollars, this inherently going against their core mentality.

Oddly, Fabric Outfitters are also obtaining financial aid from the Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program. Jeremy Harrison, the Trade & Export Development Minister for Saskatchewan, clarified that border closures in America had severely impacted fabric Outfitters. These corporations are dependant on American Hunters supplying animal fur coats. Activists & taxpayers have also expressed discontent with the STSSP for providing financial aid to Outfitters. These companies don’t revolve around Saskatchewan’s tourism industry.

Avoiding the discontent of Saskatchewan civilians, Jeremy Harrison remarked that it’d take upwards of one decade for their tourism industry to recover. He promised companies in all the listed industries above that STSSP would provide sufficient support. It should be mentioned that financial aid comes after the announcement that Saskatchewan’s German Cultural Centre is shutting down, an institution that’s embodied into the province’s history. This prompted the STSSP to make decisive decisions on what to do next.

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