Get Sporty in Brazeau

Brazeau County prides itself on the wide variety of tremendous sports facilities available to the community. The sports facilities not only facilitate the community and residents of Brazeau but also visitors who are invited to take advantage of everything the area has to offer.

Brazeau Sports Park

Located near the County Administration Building, the Brazeau sports park is a hub for active baseball and keen soccer players. The park features no less than four slow-pitch ball diamonds as well as four soccer fields. Being volunteer-driven the sports park is operated by community associations while the ball diamonds are Drayton Valley operates as well as by the soccer association of the district.

Other Facilities

Other sports facilities in Breton includes the tennis courts near the Brenton Golf Course Pro Shop. Behind the Brenton community hall, visitors will find the Ball Diamonds and the horseshoe pits are closer to the Breton Community Hall.

Raven Meadows Golf Resort

Raven Meadows Golf resort is set in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and features an 18-hole golf course, camping grounds, an RV Park and a Pro Shop. The golf resort also features a nine-room hotel, lounge and restaurant. The resort caters for all family requirements, and its outdoor beauty is the reason many visitors spend days in this superior location.

The restaurant serves some of the best pizzas, burgers and salad while it is known for its amazing buffet suppers, lunches and breakfast and the kiddie’s menu is available on request. It is a great venue for family gatherings, weddings and conferences.

Brazeau Hiking

The Brazeau Lake Loop Trail starts at the Icefields Parkway, and it is around 118 km or 71 miles long featuring a designated parking area for hikers. The path selected by quite a few hikers is the one day 14 km or 8.4 miles hike for which a permit is not required. Backpacker still requires a permit obtainable from Parks Canada.

The Brazeau lake hiking trail is 78 km or 47 miles long and leads through the rocky mountain offering some of the best scenery in the world. The route is shaped in the form of a lollipop and includes the 7299 fit or 2,225 m Nigel Pass on the second-day hikers get to the 2,340 m or 7,611 ft Jonas Pass. On day four it is the Poboktan pass of 2,304 m or 7,559 ft, and on day three the Pokoktan shoulder and on the way back the hike passes the Nigel pass one last time before hikers get to return to their vehicles. The beauty of the hike returning in the same way as it started offers walkers the opportunity to enjoy the best scenery twice.

The full circle is completed by hikers within four up to a maximum of six days and simply describes it as the highlight of visiting Brazeau. The long distance can be challenging depending on the weight of hiker’s backpacks, but with the elevation gained the beauty takes control, and it is well worth the distance.

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