Provincial Parks in Brazeau County

Many people are tired of the daily grind in the city and urgently in need of a break. They are not in the frame of mind to surround themselves with more of the same bustle and clamour offered by busy commercial holiday destinations. As a result, they may want to consider the calming hand of mother nature to absorb some of her peace and quiet to still their soul. If breakfast under a crisp, clear morning sky while looking out over a glassy lake, a stroll through a quiet forest or wandering along peaceful mountainside hiking trails sounds nice. You might also find that dipping a fishing line in a slow meandering stream or passing river calls to your inner self, consider visiting or a stayover at one of the provincial parks in and around Brazeau County.

Eagle Point Provincial Park

Located alongside North Saskatchewan River Valley, the park system comprises of Eagle Point Park and the Blue Rapids Recreational Area which makes an idyllic setting for an unbelievable recreational breakaway where people can get their internal clocks to reset and unwind while getting back in touch with mother nature.

Eagle Point Provincial Park declared a protected area to safeguard the natural wildlife habitats within 20 sq/km of the North Saskatchewan River Valley to the north of Highway 22 Bridge, while still allowing for the recreational activities of visitors. Activities in designated areas and trails include low-impact types like picnicking, hiking, fishing, birding, archery, canoeing/kayaking, mountain biking/cycling, camping, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and environmental education programs.

Visitors have access to numerous daily activities and excursions from Wiley West Campground which is also the location for a children’s playground, boat launch, and one of the numerous beautiful trail systems meandering throughout the pristine natural scenery offered by Eagle Point Park. Visiting hikers and day-long outdoorsman should always remain aware of the weather conditions and refrain from direct interaction with wildlife. Assistive park conservation officers and park services rangers serve as peace officers in Alberta, continually working with local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations, keeping visitors safe and visits pleasant.

Blue Rapids Recreation Area

Blue Rapids, established for the protection of 36sq/km of the North Saskatchewan River Valley to the south of Highway 22 Bridge, further expands on the recreational diversity offered within the parks system. Accommodates all the above-mentioned activities plus sensibly managed motorised recreational activities on dedicated trails contained to certain parts of the park, it currently allows for ATV trail riding, in addition to a dedicated firearm shooting range.

New Direction for Blue Rapids Recreational Environment

In future the park will be under the management of a local non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisational council, ensuring the park’s numerous interests, uses, and values remain in balance with its original environmental protection goals. The Eagle-Point Blue Rapids Parks Council (EP-BR PC)is a newly formed community-based entity sharing the funding, planning, and management of protected provincial, local areas in conjunction with the Dept of Tourism, Parks and Recreation. It endeavours to make consensus-based decisions, with members comprising of governmental representatives, industry, localised recreation groups, and various environmental entities. The EP-BR PC remains fully focused on improving the overall health and environmental life quality within Brazeau County.

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