British Virgin Islands Reopening Tourism on December 1st

December 1st marks the date when the British Virgin Islands will reopen their borders for international tourism. The relaunch of their tourism industry was announced by Andrew Fahie, the Premier Minister of Finance for the British Virgin Islands.

Andrew Fahie clarified that government personnel & medical experts are optimistic that with vigorous preparation, reopening their territory won’t inflict a second wave. The Premier Minister of Finance regarded that 60+ days of preparation have been imposed and that for their subsequent plans to work, it’ll require all British Virgin Island civilians to work together. It’ll also demand the partnership of the government & private sector, which isn’t regularly accomplished in the tourist-reliant islands.

Scientific evidence & new technologies developed for pandemic scenarios are being employed to create a secure environment from COVID-19. Premier Andrew Fahie clarified that without significant data indicating that these technologies will eliminate the spread of coronavirus, the reopening for December 1st wouldn’t have been achievable. Fahie also regarded that the British Virgin Islands has sustained less than 100 cases of coronavirus & a single death since the pandemic broke out. It’s one of the lowest rates seen worldwide, making the British Virgin Island’s safer than most tourist locations.

Premier Minister Andrew Fahie implored civilians to continue their part in eliminating the virus, and that by everyone playing their role with social distancing, the tourist industry can resume without excessive outbreaks. Considering a large percentage of the British Virgin Island’s population is employed under the tourism industry, it’s not surprising that the Premier Minister would be working actively to resume operations. Lack of livelihood for any longer will sustain an economic crash throughout the British Virgin Islands.

Economic Struggles

Sixty islands are sustained throughout the British Virgin Archipelago, with nearby neighbours including the US Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico. This region has thrived on tourism for decades, with their subsequent manufacturing industry being minimal in-comparison to America & China. It means that without active tourists, numerous businesses throughout the British Virgin Islands will shutdown & thousands will become unemployed, and likely homeless. This isn’t an option for Premier Minister Andrew Fahie, who has promised his civilians more after the December 1st reopening.

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