Cuba Tourism is Dying

Few nations have genuinely adopted the lockdown mentality for COVID-19, with democracy & opinion eliminating the government’s capabilities in forcing their populations to obey protocols. That hasn’t been challenging for communist regimes that don’t follow democratic systems and enforce policies that civilians must abide by or face prison sentences. The overwhelming majority of cases surrounding communism is horrific & concerning. However, in instances where an international pandemic is inflicting the lives of millions & civilians aren’t listening to simple requests like the usage of fake coverings, the forcible mentality of communism can be beneficial.

This was proven on the small island of Cuba, a communist nation that for the last six months has remained lockdown. The prolonged lockdown period has proven unbeneficial for Cuba civilians, which rely heavily on international tourism. Cubans see millions arrive at their island yearly in-search of white sands & tropical beaches, with 60% of their tourist activity coming from Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau permitted Canadians to travel to Cuba when the Cuban Government reopened international tourism. However, increasing cases of the coronavirus throughout Cuba has prompted Communist leaders to reimplement the COVID Lockdown.

Eliminating the coronavirus isn’t challenging with the protocols that Cuba has in-effect. However, it’s damaging for Cuban civilians that work within the tourism industry. It doesn’t matter which job is maintained throughout the island; it’ll maintain some minor or prominent connection with the tourism market. It trickles down to tobacco farmers in Cuba, who sell their cigars to arriving guests.

It’s Getting Worse

The few reporters permitted to arrive in Cuba when the lockdowns were lifted for two weeks questioned locals on their livelihood. Taxi drivers evoked that nobody is coming & income has become eliminated, with their regular $30.00 hourly wages turning into less than $1.50 per hour. It’s the lowest that Cubans have been paid since the revolution occurred decades ago. Locals noted that Government Officials hadn’t made orders for petrol, medical supplies, or groceries. It’s led to Cuban shops becoming empty & owners leaving the stores shut down.

Now the Cuban Government is banning all Bars, Clubs, Resorts, Hotels, and Entertainment Venues from operating until the COVID-19 pandemic has a vaccine. Considering this can be an additional twelve months, the prolonged closure will result in a national crisis.

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