Thailand Added to England’s Quarantine Safe List

Isolation isn’t required for tourists travelling from Thailand or Singapore to Great Britain. It was announced on September 19th that both nations would be permitted onto the “Quarantine Safe List”. It’s an announcement favoured by business elite in England, which hold partnerships & contracts in these two regions. Britain made their decision based on the “Foreign & Commonwealth Global Advisory”, who exempted Thailand & Singapore from non-essential travel earlier this month. It should be noted that UK Parliament has also added both Guadeloupe & Slovenia onto the Quarantine Safe List.

The exemption to self-isolation is exclusive to legal residents of Great Britain. Civilian personnel that are legal residents of Singapore & Thailand are still required to quarantine for fourteen days. Refusal would result in prominent fines, and an immediate departure back home. Parliament isn’t concerned that outbreaks of coronavirus with travel overseas from Singapore and Thailand, with “Public Health England” noting that their cases have dropped substantially in recent weeks. Nations like Slovenia have limited infections, with fourteen civilians per 100+ thousand having coronavirus. It’s considerably lower than what the United Kingdom, and Great Britain are experiencing themselves now.

The Guadeloupe Debacle

Parliament permitting Guadeloupe onto the quarantine safe list is foolish and has seen backlash from medical experts in the United Kingdom. Guadeloupe has experienced a 558% increase in confirmed cases since August 25th. It’s the most prominent rise of infections seen in the Antigua & Barbuda Islands. Increasing cases of coronavirus in Guadeloupe will force Prime Minister Boris Johnson to terminate their greenlit status.

Guadeloupe won’t advice their civilians to quarantine and permit the economy to remain open. Islands in Antigua & Barbuda thrive of the tourism sector and have suffered drastically with their respective GDPs. British travellers not permitted to enter their nation with continued infections won’t be bothersome. Britain accounts for 700 Tourists per year in Guadeloupe, accounting for a drastically small percentage of their yearly GDP.

It should be noted that UK travellers are still required to have a negative PCR COVID Test before entering any nation. Similar enforcement has been placed onto residents in Thailand, Singapore, Guadeloupe, and Slovenia.

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