Record Tourism Rates in Croatia

Croatia, a country considered violent or poor with more than 4 million people, is split between Serbians and Christians. After being run by several nations, like the United Kingdom or Personal Union of Hungary, Croatia was finally inducted into the European Union in 1995. After 20+ years in the EU, this nation is finally reporting increased tourism revenues and rates. The Croatian Government revealed that 20+ Million visited the country, which borders the Adriatic Sea and has some of the best beaches in Europe. The Croatian Ministry of Tourism noted that they’ve never seen such high rates of tourism since 1918 before the first world war.

Tourism History

Before the first world war, Croatia was one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide. It was easy to access with the Adriatic Sea for Europeans in the late 1800s and early 1900s. At that time, only the most wealthy or famous took cruising vessels to the coastal nation for summer holidays. In the last century, the country has changed dramatically and had multiple rulers. Today, the Coastal Resorts and Sea Towns in Croatia bring in billions of revenue. It’s estimated than more than 25% of the $113 Billion earned in Croatia’s 2019 GDP is from Tourism.

The Croatian Ministry of Tourism noted that their country has flourished over several years, with their most popular destinations located in the Northern and Central Coasts. The most popular destinations for travelling in Croatia include Rovinj, Dubrovnik and Split. Other notable locations include Medulin, Poreč and Istria Peninsula.

National Parks

The best reason for anyone in Europe or abroad to visit Croatia is for its beautiful national parks. Travellers can go the Plitvice Lakes National Park, where lake beds and forests meet to have flowing waterfalls fall into an exotic river. There is the Krka National Park, where adventurous explorers can canoe through white rocky mountains. Expect silence and barely any wildlife, this landscape is ominous but unlike anything else on Earth. The last national park travellers should explore Risnjak, where roaming hills similar to Ireland or Britain scour for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Safety First

Before anyone travels to Croatia, safety should be a top priority. Croatia is infamous for scams in local cities, which is why we recommend our readers experience the nature of this nation over its local bars and cafes. However, if our readers decide to travel to towns like Hvar or Brac should prepare themselves by keeping all valuable items back in the safe at the hotel room. Any concerning behaviour from locals should be taken seriously, with travels returning to their hotel immediately. Following these two simple steps will allow adventurers to experience Croatia without any significant concerns.

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