American Dream Mall Opening New Aquarium

The American Dream Mall in New Jersey, one of the largest shopping centres maintained worldwide, announced that their opening a new aquarium attraction. The Sea Life Aquarium will be designed after New York City and allow travellers to explore everything from the streets of the city to the infamous Times Square. The only difference is that everything will be underwater.

For those familiar, this isn’t the first Sea Life Aquarium to have opened in the United States. It’s the 10th location in America and the 50th location worldwide. During the announcement, the American Dream Mall announced that this aquarium would be more than 25 thousand square feet. It will also have 250 thousand gallons of water, with more than three thousand sea creatures living in harmony. This will include the Zebra Shark, Giant Grouper, Black Tip Reef and Giant Pacific Octopus. Some of these underwater inhabitants can grow to be 400 pounds and larger than a sedan.

These aquatic creatures aren’t being housed in the average tanks used by Sea Life Aquarium Corporation. The 50th location will mark the testing facility for new aquarium technologies that can be managed globally. These new tanks will be vibration-impact resistant, meaning all sounds originating from outside the glass walls of the tank would bounce through the water. This is slated to provide the 3,000+ Sea Creatures with a higher quality of life that’s similar to the ocean.

The Exhibits

The 50th Sea Life Aquarium in New Jersey is taking multiple attraction exhibits from other locations and implementing them into their native services. The American Dream Mall Sea Life Aquarium will support the Rush Hour Train Ride in freshwater exhibits. There is slated to be a Jellyfish Dance Club that will be designed after the infamous Studio 54 in NYX. There will also be the Wall Street Sea Wolves exhibit, which will look similar to the financial district in uptown NYC. All attractions and exhibitions will have conductors speaking in New York Accents and wearing classic NYC Clothing.

After all the exhibits and attractions have been explored, tourists to the Sea Life Aquarium can stop by Shark Fish Avenue. Multiple shops and dining locations will be located on the 5th Avenue-themed complex. Those wanting more than just the aquarium can also experience the upcoming DreamWorks Water Park and Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park. Parents and children can spend several days at the American Dream Mall and still not have experienced everything they have to offer.

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