Bhutan Government Imposes Travel Restrictions

Increased tourist restrictions are following on the worldwide scale, with the most recent coming from Bhutan. This small-scale nation borders India, which has confirmed multiple cases of the coronavirus. It causes for a singular tourist to bring the disease into Bhutan, causing severe concern throughout this Himalayan Kingdom. This concern comes on two levels, with the first centred around public health and the other regarding their high-end tourism. Bhutan citizens reliant on this industry are worried their businesses will shut down in the following weeks.

The tourist restrictions are minimal to the announcement that several schools are being closed throughout Bhutan. This extends to multiple international seminars and conferences being cancelled for upwards up four weeks. It should be noted that the tourist that entered Bhutan has been returned to India, with them now being isolated in a hospital throughout Thimphu. They’ll remain within this Capital-located hospital until the infection is terminated, with the first receiving the virus on February 21st.

The total number of confirmed cases throughout India has reached thirty-one, with it all beginning after a singular individual travelled from Malaysia and Thailand to New Delhi. Those unaware of what the coronavirus causes are considered foolish, with billions worldwide knowing it causes respiratory issues that inevitably lead to pneumonia. Eventually, this will lead to death, with the virus first emerging throughout the Wuhan Region. Since December 31st, there have been more than ninety-eight thousand reported cases. 3300+ individuals have passed away from this virus since it emerged nearly three months ago.

Rome Becomes Ghost Town

Wuhan isn’t the only notable location that’s suffering from the coronavirus, with Italy now being the European Version of this region. They’ve registered 4600+ confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus, with 200+ citizens passing away. It should be noted that most of these cases are located throughout Northern Italy, with virus concerns causing severe travel implications over large-scale cities like Rome. It’s estimated that upwards of 90% of bookings have been cancelled throughout Italian tourist destinations.

Notable spots that see thousands daily arrive have become ghost towns; this includes the Trevi Fountain and Vatican City. The popularity surrounding the Vatican City disappeared after they confirmed their first case of the coronavirus as well. The pope himself has banned a large percentage of visitors from entering, with metal detector stations being turned into coronavirus medical centres. Anybody wanting to enter the Vatican must first go through the screening process before approval is granted.

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