Travel Industry Facing Substantial Job Losses

Millions worldwide have halted their travelling obligations and returned to home for self-isolation, with this being prompted after the increasing outbreak of the global coronavirus. One industry will face substantial layoffs following this pandemic, with its effecting Tourism Employees. This follows after the World Travel & Tourism Council publicly expressed that upwards of 50 million jobs will be terminated with the increasing pandemic of COVID-19. Gloria Guevara, the Chief Executive behind the WTTC, showed that there hadn’t been a more significant threat to their industry.

International flights have been terminated by multiple countries, including the United States of America and Italy. This extends to numerous other nations which have prompted the immediate decline of consumers travelling to their respective meetings or vacations. It’s anticipated that the travel sector globally will shrink by 25% throughout 2020, with standard valuations not slated to return until 2021. The World Travel & Tourism Council has provided four steps they believe should be implemented to ensure industries protection. Those include:

  • Removing Visas to reduce associated costs.
  • Shutting down the multiple barriers at shipping ports and airports.
  • Lower travelling taxes like Air Passenger Duties.
  • Provide travel destinations with increased budgets for promotions.
  • Hard to Overcome

It’ll be challenging for the WTTCs requests to be met. The suggestions their making to world governments would create a substantial increase in exposure of the coronavirus. The World Travel & Tourism Cancel proved that greed is more valuable than the respective lives of their customers. It’s prompted an immediate backlash against their statements from global politicians, with these individuals noting that countless sporting events and cruise liners have terminated their operations for consumer safety. The fact that the WTTC isn’t enforcing similar protocols indicates a lack of due diligence, which could prompt significant fines following the coronavirus being cured.

It should be mentioned that multiple aircraft companies like British Airways, Easy Jet and Korean Air have terminated an excessive level of flights to ensure the protection of their flyers. Numerous companies are losing millions weekly from the coronavirus, and the WTTC doesn’t have any right to try to enforce increased travelling. Genuine recommendations suggest that global citizens begin executing sanitation strategies, which means wearing masks in public and washing their hands hourly.

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