99% of Northern Americans Want to Travel

The World Travel & Tourism Council enforced a survey throughout the United States of America to Canada. It revealed that an overwhelming majority of American & Canadian travellers want to return to standard vacations, with 70% expressing that they’ve begun planning holidays for next year if permitted by the government. The assessment of this survey could be brought into question, with the WTTC testing three thousand frequent travellers & not millions throughout both nations. False percentages could’ve resulted from the biased of these three thousand request travellers.

Discrepancies regarding this survey extend towards its assessment date. The World Travel & Tourism Council questioned thousands of frequent travellers in between September 1st to 15th of this year. Increase in COVID-19 infections worldwide could’ve altered the mindset of these regular tourists. That’s why the WTTC detailed which percentage of the tourists have already paid for their upcoming holidays, with that being 45%. The additional 54% said they’re patiently waiting for the moment when travel is permitted by government legislation.

The President of Travel Leaders Group responded to the WTTCs findings. John Lovell stated that after concerns regarding COVID-19 are addressed & healthcare protocols are sustained for long periods, tourists will reimplement leisure travel with international destinations. However, the WTTC and TLG aren’t considering that COVID-19 won’t likely end until January 2020.

That’s the earliest timeframe that healthcare experts believe will create a reliable & sustainable vaccine. Most corporations and governing agencies in the tourism industry have ignored these timeframes, working against the international government for the return of monetary compensation. Government agencies like the Centre of Disease Control have opposed initiatives to restart the global tourism industry and forced operators to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

The Failures of WTTC

WTTCs President & Chief Executive Officer, Gloria Guevara, also spoke about the findings of this survey. She expressed that tourists are losing concerns regarding risk exposure & quarantine, that rapid testing with the combination of enhanced contact tracing is creating a safe environment for travel. Sentiments from Gloria Guevara have been highlighted in controversy, with her information not reliable & unsustainable.

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