Spanish Archipelago Reopens for Tourism

The Canary & Balearic Islands have sustained a tourism agreement with the Spanish Government. This follows after intense negotiations over the last month, which saw Island Regional Governments battle against their Spanish governors for permittance to resume tourism operations. Continued denial is what the Canary & Balearic Islands experienced, with the Spanish Government citing concern for the coronavirus outbreaking in these tropical destinations.

That’s changed with the recent announcement that Spanish Government Officials has signed an agreement permitting tourism to resume in the Canary & Balearic Islands. Multiple protocols have been created, establishing travel measures for various European nations. Allowing the Spanish Archipelagos to resume tourism operations will generate an influx of visitors. Local hotels & resorts are having to implement coronavirus measures to guarantee that residents aren’t at risk.

Unsurprisingly, the Canary & Balearic Islands had actively worked towards restarting their tourism industry. It’s a significant attribute for local employment & national profits. The COVID-19 Pandemic have enforced numerous changes for international tourism, evoking more significant losses than ever before in history. There’s social paralysis associated with the coronavirus, which has spurred economic consequences & financial downfalls for these two islands. 75% of generated income for the Canary and Balearic Islands is through tourism.

The tourism industry of these two islands also accounts for 50% of employment, with 100+ thousand being without regular income after being furloughed. It should be mentioned that after tourism resumes on November 1st, visitors will be required to showcase a Negative PCR COVID Test that was administered within 48-hours of their arrival.

Safety First

Those that weren’t able to acquire testing before arriving at the airport will receive an “Active Infection Diagnostic Test”, which provides rapid results for the COVID-19 Pathogen. However, AIDTs aren’t accurate similar to PCR COVID Tests. It could result in the Canary & Balearic Islands accepting tourists that are unknowingly transmitting the coronavirus with asymptomatic conditioning.

However, additional measures implemented at resorts will assist with lowering contact transmission with any unsuspecting individual. It should be mentioned that the Canary & Balearic Islands are providing travellers infected with COVID-19 multiple quarantine options. Other resorts & hotel are exclusively accommodating potentially infected patients.

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