The Kingdom of Fun Awaits at The Starlight Edmonton Casino

All the pizzazz and excitement combined with a vintage feel is what welcomes visitors as they walk into the retro style Vegas Starlight Casino. It’s an atmosphere of high energy that welcomes visitors to the best entertainment experience offered via eight poker tables, more than 32 gaming tables and well over 768 slot machines while the newly added BIP gaming room with its private salons are one of the main attractions.

It is here where fine dining takes on a whole new shape as the signature restaurants include Atlas Steak & Fish, Match Eatery & Public House, Chow Lucky Noodle Bar, Halley’s Club and The Buffet are all part of the choices. The Starlight Casino caters to every taste, entertainment wish, while it offers locals and holidaymakers a day of great excitement completed via an unforgettable dining experience.

Chow Lucky Noodle Bar

A tour of the counter-side of the Pacific Rim shows off the noodle-craft of the chefs creating truly amazing dishes ranging from zesty feasts to what everyone calls the ultimate in umami. The menu of the Lucky Noodle Bar is focussed on exciting flavours, freshness and also cultural authenticity. It is also here where the senses are temp by the luck and long-life creations of the wok from the fiery kitchen.

Nova Bar

The Nova Bar is basically based in the centre of the casino’s floor. It is in the middle of all the gaming action, which makes it the perfect venue to meet friends and enjoy a beverage. The opening hours of the Nova Bar is from as early as 10:00 am, and you can enjoy this lively atmosphere until 2:00 am.

The Buffet

Easily one of the most favoured for its combination of unique and excellent variety to food at incredible prices, The Buffet offers a menu that gets your taste buds into a frenzy no matter your preference, whether you love Asian, Indian or Mediterranean.

Carvery & Breakfast at The Buffet:

Every Sunday the carvery is available for dinner, while breakfast is served from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Lunch & Dinner at The Buffet:

Lunch is served from 11:45 am up to 3:00 pm and dinner from 4:30 pm up to 9:45 pm.

Asian, Mediterranean & India Theme Nights:

Theme Nights is a must and starts from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm, Tuesday nights offers Mediterranean flavours, while Wednesday nights offer the best food of India and Thursdays offers astounding Asian foods.

The Halley’s Club A Must Visit at the Starlight Edmonton Casino

The Halley’s Club is the first of its kind in Western Canada. It offers a brilliant blend of showcase nostalgia, classic cabaret while dinner is served in a stylish ambience. Live music invites Halley visitors from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am to dance, laugh and enjoy fine dining, meet new friends or catch up with good friends while basically just having a great, memorable time.  

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