Sardinia Debating Health Passports

The COVID-19 Pandemic infected no other country worse than Italy in terms of tourism. It’s prompted respective provinces and islands to implement specialized strategies, hoping that’ll it will bring consumers back to their nation. The most recent island to announce its tourism strategy is Sardinia, which is more about benefiting residents than making trips easier for vacationers. Details with this strategy state that Health Passports could be implemented during COVID-19 Recovery Phase Two.

This follows after the Italian Government implemented strict lockdown measures before the rest of Europe. These measures began March 9th and have only started being lifted by May 1st. This outbreak of COVID-19 throughout Italy saw 27+ thousand civilians die, with an additional 200+ thousand infected. May 18th has marked the date when the Italian economy will officially reopen. Museums, Business, and Shops will be permitted to operate. Schools are remaining closed to ensure the children’s safety.

It’s not surprising that Sardinia government officials have implemented this strategy, hoping that security measures will bring solace to local civilians and tourists. When it applies to this small island, tourism accounts for 57% of their GDP. They aren’t the Italian Government, which account 15% of the GDP towards tourism. The defining concern for politicians in Italy is the 4.2 million civilians that could be without jobs. That’s why their supporting provinces with increased funds towards tourism campaigns. Don’t be surprised if YouTube shows you a magical vacation in Sardinia.

Minimal Infections

Sardinia has hardly been affected by the novel coronavirus. They’re an Italian island that’s separated from the island, with tourists arriving at their stunning beaches on the Emerald Coast. This luxurious island supports resorts that cost anywhere from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 per night. Those prices will be minimized amidst the regrowth period, ensuring that greedy packages don’t deter wealthy travellers.

It should be noted that Sardinia avoided the coronavirus with a 0.07% infection rate on the island’s population, which is the lowest across Italy. The chances of tourists obtaining the virus in Sardinia is that exact percentage, less than one. Those wanting to leave the house for a magical destination after their nations travel restrictions are lifted need not look any further.

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