Fishing and Fun in the Saskatchewan

The fishing season for the entire Saskatchewan River is now open. As always the North Saskatchewan River is an angler’s dream with a selection of the most exciting fish species. With lake sturgeons making their return to these waters, the opportunity awaits any harvester to pull out one of these fish with their prehistoric appearance. Although lake sturgeon are for catch and release only since the species is on the endangered species lists. Along the river, there are a couple of favourite fishing spots waiting for you.


For those not keen on going the distance, the northern Saskatchewan River is ideal, especially if you stay in Edmonton. With the river running through the city, the spots are many, and the choice is yours. The river is alive with plenty of species including northern pike, walleye, lake sturgeon, mountain whitefish and many different suckers. Within the city limits, it is best to search for spots where there is creek mouths, stormwater outfalls, river beds and bridges. These all provide shelter, food and a chance for the fish to rest in slower moving water or pools and deep holes.

Terwillegar Park

Located on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River, this park offers more than fishing but a complete outdoor experience. The park has many trails and dogs are welcome. A large off-leash area is one of about 40 in the Edmonton region. Visitors can also cross over to the north side of the river into Oleskiw River Park Valley across the 262-meter-long footbridge. Fishing at Terwillegar Park is considered as urban fishing, but at the fishing spots near the rocky beach, offers a truly out in the wild feeling.

Hermitage Park

The park has a pond with rainbow trout stock, and they allow fishing. Probably the best place to take young anglers to get practice. With plenty of opportunities to catch and release, this is a great place to practice your casting skills. The park situated in the north-east end side of the city offers a lot more than only fishing. Between paddling and fishing, enjoy a picnic at the picnic sites or enjoy the fresh air at their off-leash area.

Petrofka Bridge

For those who want to get away from the city, there are more options to enjoy nature away from civilization. Petrofka Bridge is named after a nearby village, is situated just south of Blaine Lake and about 40 minutes’ drive north from Saskatoon. Enjoy a day in the magnificent nature on the river bank with only the sound of the running water keeping you company. You will most probably be successful when trying your hand at catching either lake sturgeon or some suckers or gold eyes. While you are there, a visit to the Petrofka Orchard, situated right at the bridge is worth your while. They don’t only supply the most delicious fresh vegetables and fruit, but also hearty homemade produce and pies.

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