Best Edmonton Sports Bars

If you decide to take a three-hour drive to Edmonton from Brazeau and you wonder which of the sports bars would be best to watch your game keep reading. There are lots of really great places in Edmonton, deciding to visit over a weekend is hard. There are quite a few places to choose from if your list of requirements includes a cold beer, big screen to watch your sports game and a great atmosphere. There are several top sports bars in Edmonton and here are some of the most popular.

Bunkers Sports Pub

Situated in 615 Hermitage Road. The Bunkers Sports Pub is probably not the most suited place if you are looking for a fancy bar, although it is tops should your requirements include excellent food and cold drinks. The Bunkers Sports Pub offers a whole selection of TVs and watching sport is what it is all about. Plus the Bunkers have all the reasons needed to claim the rights to the pub in North Edmonton with the most prominent video screen.

Once the game is over the Bunkers cheer up all with karaoke so do make sure you choose an open mic night or make a note of the individual monthly events. The Bunkers Sports Pub is as hip as it is popular and features singing competitions called the Bunker’s Idols and then there is still the dance troops and excellent live band shows.

Metropolitan Billiards Café

The Metropolitan Billiards Café can be found at 10250 106 Street. It is the place for sports fans who wish for a more upscale environment. The Metropolitan is excellent for enjoying billiards and watching a big game with your friends, while it features many big screen TV and offers 18 Brunswick pool tables. With over thirty-six television screens showing the game, the chances are that no matter where you are seated, you’ll enjoy a great view and apart from the excellent entertainment line-up, the bar menu offers a list of more than 125 different beers from around the world and a full bar of wine and spirits.

Jox Taphouse and Grill

You need to find 97 Street, look for 15327, and you’ll be at the Jox Taphouse and Grill a great place to be if you’re a sports fan of multiple sports. The Jox Taphouse offers more than 30 TVs place right through the bar, and the bar carries a range of sports package for basketball, hockey, football, rugby, baseball and soccer. The Jox Taphouse is pretty much the place you want to be no matter the sport you support and the local love this bar for its brewskis. On game nights the Jox Taphouse and Grill are packed so do make sure you arrive early and even when it is not game night it remains popular due to its excellent food including wings with unique flavours. Now you know about these places you might want to visit Edmonton just for the pubs.

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