Your Favourite Sports on Canadian Soil

Canada, like many other nations in the world, loves their sports. With many seasonal variations, sports lovers are spoiled for choice. Whether you are in search of the most excellent soccer game, ice hockey action or some curling, Canada can deliver. These are some of the favourite places where Canadians prefer to go to. It all begins at BMO Field in Toronto.

For the best soccer atmosphere in Canada, you have to visit this magnificent lakefront stadium. Home to the thunderclap. Formerly the stadium to Toronto FC, who have managed to make this one of the best stadiums to attend in a mere twelve seasons. They are sharing the venue with the Argonauts, Toronto’s CFL franchise. Toronto FC had to endure eight terrible seasons where their loyal fans had to witness one defeat after another, but the club made up for all that misery last year when they managed victory of three coveted trophies. The Supporter’s Shield, the Canadian Championship and the MLS Cup, all came home to the BMO Field.

The Bell Centre in Montreal

Comparing ice hockey to religion in Canada, then the Bell Centre would be considered as the central place of communal worship. The Bell Centre is the home to the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens are the country’s favourites on the ice, and therefore their arena is the largest in the NHL with a seating capacity of 21,000. The Montreal Canadians are also this country’s hope of winning the Stanley Cup once again since the country has been suffering a drought in winning this cup since 1993. Visit the Bell Centre for their atmosphere, the arena’s horn and most definitely for the best-smoked meat sandwiches in the entire city.

Woodbine Racetrack, Ontario

Visited by the Queen during her 2010 visit to Canada, this is the perfect place to get familiar with the sport of horse racing. It is also the venue where the Canadian Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing kicks off with its first leg, the Queen’s Plate. Woodbine offers three racecourses which ensure that there is always an abundance of action and entertainment. The racetrack also provides many brilliant dining options with magnificent views and is hence a preferred destination of many locals to enjoy a relaxing and fun afternoon.

Anywhere Curling is Hosted

Curling is not a sport with international appeal, but any true Canadian wouldn’t mind going the distance to attend any of the significant curling events on offer annually. Of these events, the men’s annual championship, known as the Tim Hortons Brier and the women’s championship, or also known as the Scotties Tournament of Hearts are two best-attended events on the annual Canadian calendar. Both these events are recognized by the sound of moose calls and cowbells. The venues for these exciting events change annually, but wherever it is destined to be hosted is a must-visit location to experience an authentic taste of Canadian culture.

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