The UK Removes Germany & Sweden from Quarantine Safe List

There hasn’t been any nation more vigilant in governing over their travel restrictions than Great Britain. Countries have regularly been removed from & added to the UK Quarantine Safe List, determining which travellers are required for self-isolation. It’s been confirmed by the FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office) that tourists returning from Germany & Sweden are required to isolate for fourteen days. Anyone wanting to avoid that isolation period needed to return home before November 7th at 4 a.m.

Parliament determined alongside the FCDO that removal of Germany & Sweden from the Quarantine Safe List was required after confirmed cases began drastically increasing. Updated data released from the “Joint Biosecurity Centre of Public Health England” suggested that transmission levels in Germany & Sweden were increasing by drastic percentages. Germany has seen infection percentages jump by 75% over four weeks, with Sweden seeing a 34% increase during the same period.

Tourists from Sweden & Germany traversing the United Kingdom have been informed to return home by their respective governments. Their recommendations came after the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office updated their tourism advice pages. The Swedish and German governments know that financial support of abroad citizens isn’t possible any longer. It’s this core reason prompting their recommendations.

It’d be shocking to locate any tourists from Sweden & German in Great Britain or Northern Ireland. Both countries have entered their 2nd lockdown following growing infection percentages. UK Civilians are permitted to leave their homes for specific reasons, like education & career. Exceptions to this rule include a 2km maximum radius for distanced travel. Considering most don’t sustain jobs in a 2k radius, civilians aren’t able to leave their homes for work obligations. UK Civilians have also been informed that holiday vacations won’t be permitted in 2020.

Denmark Understands the UKs Position

Sweden and Germany weren’t the only countries removed from the UK Quarantine Safe List. Denmark was excluded following an increase of nationwide infections, forcing tourists from Great Britain or Northern Ireland to quarantine for two weeks. Out of these three nations, it’s been Denmark most understanding of what the United Kingdom has been forced into doing. This will likely improve international relations between the two countries.

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