The Pembina River

Many search and rescue operations to find stranded tubers on the Pembina River urged the Mounties based near Entwistle, to send out a public warning, reminding water sports enthusiasts regarding safety on the Pembina River. It seems that many people are false under the impression that the river runs in a loop or some even believe that it runs in a circle, yet neither is the case according to RCMP Cpl. Brandon Tobin of Evansburg. He furthermore emphasized that when people are tubing down the Pembina River, they should never enter the river at the provincial park campgrounds. That is where they should exit the river. The result if you would enter the flood there or even float past the park campground, tubers will be stranded without a doubt.

A Popular Destination

The Pembina River is a popular destination for people to float down the river on summer days. Many use this relaxing trip down the river as perfect summer fun to cool down during the hotter months. Entwistle is situated roughly 100 kilometres to the west of Edmonton and is the ideal launching spot for tubers to float down the river. I am usually exiting again at the Pembina River Provincial Park.

When people, however, miss this exit off the river at the Pembina Provincial Park, they have to spend another seven hours on the river before reaching the next exit spot at the nearest camping area. This usually leads to search and rescue operations to help people who are stranded on the river. The result of this is that sometimes air services are required to fly the stranded tubers off the river. This is not only an expensive exercise but also means that resources are tied up in ways which could have been prevented when needed for other emergencies.

To avoid these costly time-consuming rescue operations, all visitors, as well as residents of the area, were requested to take responsibility for their actions. Certain precautions were hence given to keep in consideration when planning a fun day of tubing on the river.

  • Thorough knowledge of the area is advised, and visitors should study maps and be familiar with the course of their journey.
  • Before setting off onto the river, someone responsible should be notified of exactly where you are going and how many people are in your party as well as which route you are taking.
  • Appropriate wear is advised depending on various weather conditions. Life jackets are compulsory and wet suits are recommended.
  • Do not consume any alcohol before entering the river.
  • Be sure to bring a cell phone along which is adequately stored to stay dry under various circumstances and are fully charged, to call for help if needed.
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