The Canadian Hall of Fame

In Calgary, Alberta is the Canadian Hall of Fame. A glorious building established in 1955 to preserve the best which Canada has offered in the world of sports and to promote future success.

An Intriguing History

In 1955, the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame was founded. Since then, it had a long and winding journey through history to reach the glory it has today. Being the realization of an idea of the former assistant athletics commissioner of Ontario, Harry I. Price, it was initially housed in the Stanley Barracks in Toronto. That was until 1961 when it moved to a shared location with the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Hockey Hall of Fame, however, moved out not long after and fewer visitors were attending the Sports Hall of Fame. In 2006 the building was demolished, and the Sports Hall of Fame had to move back to the Stanley Barracks. After nine cities all placed their bids to become the new location of the Sports Hall of Fame, Calgary was chosen. The 40 000 square feet building was opened on Canada Day in 2011.

A Hall for Non-Profit Purpose

The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame is committed to celebrating the highest honour which any athlete or sports organizer can achieve in Canadian sports. Currently, they have 665 members and every year that is increasing. Whenever new members are inducted into the Hall of Fame, their life stories are exhibited in the Hall.

This is done through digital storytelling and immersing visitors into the lives of these heroes. The Hall of Fame is home to 12 different galleries which allows for many interactive displays which are continually changing. Hence the venue deserves regular visits. The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame is the perfect place to learn more about the rich Canadian history in the world of sports. They offer various school programs which are facilitated in their Education and Resource Centre.

The Hall even accommodates learners from far away with the opportunity to be part of their Virtual Distance Learning Program. This helps to ensure that children from all over Canada will still be able to have the same chances of learning as those close by. The Canadian Hall of Fame is considered to be a national treasure which not only celebrates the past but also builds on towards the future. It is registered as a charitable organization and operates according to.

Induction into the Hall of Fame

Annually the search is on to find new nominees to join the heroes already inducted. People from the sporting world can be nominated through various means. From these nominees, the top choices of athletes, builders and a people’s choice nominee are inducted at a spectacular celebration.

This year this is set for 23 October. During this gala event, the values and spirit of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame are celebrated. Truly a worthwhile destination while visiting in Calgary.

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