Spain Reopening Tourism Sector

Shocking revelations were made by the Spanish Prime Minister, who revealed that tourism would reopen to international visitors starting on July 1st. Pedro Sanchez has guaranteed that the Spanish Government will implement extensive safety protocols onto foreign tourists, ensuring the protection of locals. This confirmation on the tourism sector reopening has received mixed opinions. Some believe it’s necessary to return economic growth into Spain, with others stating this will lead to the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in multiple nations.

Pedro Sanchez diverted concerns from reporters by also unveiled the “Spanish Income Sustainability Plan”, which will include €3 Billion to support families most affected by the COVID-19 plan. This distraction worked and diverted reporters to additional questions, with these statements being remarked in one of the 1st public gatherings since Mid March. Thousands were seen protesting lifting the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, which follows after thousands are still being reported with confirmed infections. It’s leading to increased deaths in Spain. Pedro Sanchez is developing a similar strategy to the United States of America.

The Spanish Prime Minister provided insight behind his decision. Pedro clarified that 80+ million enter Spain yearly to visit their country, with the highest percentage of tourism occurring from May to August. Millions are being lost for Spanish Companies in the tourism sector, forcing Pedro to lift these restrictions with required social distancing measures.

Sanchez then informed international tourists that they can begin planning their next vacations in Spain now. Companies in this sector are now permitted to accept bookings. However, details on the required social distancing measures must be provided to those wanting to book a vacation. They must approve of cooperation in these measures before the booking is accepted.

The Plan

Spanish Central & Regional Governments have conversed daily throughout this pandemic, working towards the goal of reopening their respective tourism sectors. Their debating on which requirements will be needed from visitors, with insiders stating that businesses in the tourism industry will provide face masks. It’ll be expected that these masks be worn 24/7 when visitors aren’t located in their room. Regular usage of hand sanitizer could also be required.

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