Provincial Government Regulates Alberta Liquor & Gaming

The recent announcement of the updated liquor policy in Alberta had many citizens cheering and raising their glasses. Due to the changes, more Albertans can now apply for an exclusive event license. The feedback after the notable amendments by stakeholders includes the simplifying of security and food requirements. Previous to the modernization, some found it challenging to obtain an SEL public resale due to the narrow categorization.

According to Alain Maisonneuve, the AGLC modernization aims to ensure that the changes reflect the policy changes most needed by Albertans. The updating of the SEL policy enable more groups to take advantage of the adjusted licence category.

Vice President, Harvey Cohen is excited regarding the amendments as the producer of annual music events, he feels it encourages more people to obtain individual event licenses. The recent updates add flexibility to the licensing while the high standard of safety is still maintained.

Apart from removing previously limited application sub-categories that limited many applicants from obtaining an SEL public resale licence, the policy changes are aimed to enhance security and safety. The changes include simplifying the policy requirements for security as well as the food requirement simplifications.

Gaming Regulation in Alberta

A Charitable gaming model is used in Alberta; this involves the operators of horse racetracks, operated by racing entertainment centres. Vlt lounges and lottery kiosks run private businesses. When it comes to casino and bingo licenses any charitable, eligible group can apply. The most popular land-based casino in Alberta is the Casino by Vanshaw and the Cowboys Casino. The minimum age in Alberta for gambling participation is 18. All casino gaming is regulated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, known as the AGLC.

There is quite a lot happening when it comes to gambling in Alberta at the moment. The AGLC approved the Century Mile Racing Entertainment Centre situated near Edmonton. The multi-level centre is to entertain a racing track, a casino featuring only slots, as well as several outlets offering food and beverages. The completion of the venue is expected near the end of this year.

Gambling Remains One of the Largest Entertainment Sectors

In Canada the most significant entertainment sector is gambling, and some of the best online casinos are keen to welcome players from Alberta. Live gambling venues are easy to find in Red Deer, Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray, Camrose and Calgary. Albertans have easy access to bingo halls and over 6,000 video lottery terminals.

In Ontario there are well over 25 land-based casinos, these include slots placed at racetracks as well as other locations. The most common form of gambling in the country is charitable and online. Betting offers a much-needed income for churches and other non-profitable organizations. It is part of the reason why there is a significant difference between Canada and the internet gambling climate that is heavily regulated in the United States. Most forms of gaming are aloud, and by keeping within the guidelines of the reasonable regulations and laws, the Great White North found ways for it to work.

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