Old-Fashioned Christmas Walk Planned by Brazeau Historical Society during the Festive Season

During the upcoming holiday season, the Brazeau Historical Society is planning on a march and for some time now, everyone part of it has been busy preparing for the old-Fashioned Christmas Walk scheduled to take place in Brazeau in December. During the walk, the pathways and roads will come alive and add to the atmosphere as these will be lit up via more than 300 luminaires, while bystanders and visitors get to enjoy Christmas music as they join the walk that will also include visiting historical buildings.

A Special Kind of Magic Not Found in Many Places

The spokesman for the Brazeau Historical Society, Bonnie Hemman, feels the Christmas Walk is not something holidaymakers will find in many places, which makes Brazeau stand out as it offers an event that is kind-hearted, adding a touch that is magical. For this event, the historic buildings will be decorated by the historical society, which means visitors have the chance to not only enjoy the decoration and the walk, but also the tours of the historic buildings. The buildings feature artefacts that enable all viewers to step back in time and enjoy a glimpse of how people lived and survived in that specific time period.

A Christmas Walk Worth Remembering

The Brazeau Historical Society’s, Christmas walk includes a visit to the old schoolhouse where many of the classroom items are no longer in uses by schools today, several of the items on display have also been donated while others are on loan to the society for display purposes.

Participants also visit the Brazeau Presbyterian Church serving the community of Brazeau since 1819, which means the church itself is about to celebrate a major milestone as in 2019 it would be in service of the community for 200 years. In the Brazeau Historical Society Christmas walk, the visit to the church also includes a Christmas concert.

The organizers have a plan for everything and everyone and for those working up an appetite during the walk and historical sites visit, drinks, desserts, and sandwiches will be available at Aunt Carrie’s Tea Room. The refreshments won’t be made available via a necessary charge, although a free-will donation will be appreciated and gladly accepted. The Hemman Winery will stay open till late, while walkers will be able to enjoy a fire pit where warming up goes hand in hand with fellowship.

A host of events is taking place to keep the Christmas spirits at an all-time high this year, these include the Live Nativity taking place at the Brazeau Community Hall, the craft fair hosts many different vendors, while Santa himself will be hard at work in his workshop on Christmas ever, cookies will be baked by Mrs Claus and this is when all children in Brazeau can visit the post office to write one more letter to Santa. Feeling very positive that the town will increase the visitors total of 700 from the year before, Brazeau might be a phenomenal place to add to your Christmas destinations.

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