Measles Outbreak in Three US Airports

Diseases have rapidly begun spreading across the United States, part of which comes as a result of numerous anti-vaxxers travelling throughout the holidays. It’s known that one individual contracted the measles, where they then passed through three airports in the United States. The Centre for Disease Control has determined that 10% of those who came into contact with this man will have contracted the measles as well. Subsequently, the outbreak could have transpired to dozens of airports nationwide.

The passenger is unnamed for security purposes, with this being the first case of a measles outbreak in two decades. It’s known that this individual contracted the virus in November while travelling in the European Union. However, the disease didn’t begin to take effect until December 14th and on the 7th, rashes began to form, which is when the virus becomes mobile. It’s also the same day he flew with United Airlines from Austin to Chicago where he had a connecting flight in Richmond, Virginia. Unfortunately, potential other contractors of the measles are unknown.

Measles outbreaks travel faster than most viruses. This unnamed individual first arrived at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for his flight on December 17th. He remained in the first terminal for four hours until the mid-afternoon. The time spent at Richmond was minimal, spending time in the second terminal for less than an hour. However, he was at the third terminal of Chicago O’Hare’s International Airport for four hours. Passengers concerned with their safety have been requested to wear breathable masks and tight-fit gloves to avoid possible contact.

The Passengers

Individuals that were located in the same terminal as this unidentified man can expect to experience symptoms of the disease by January 11th. This would include continuous vomiting, loss of body temperature, and body-wide rashes. Anybody who contacted a fever by January 1st and was located in one of these terminals are requested to visit an Emergency Room immediately.

Millions in the United States of America haven’t been vaccinated with the measles vaccination. Most aren’t aware that this virus is contractable via the breathable air and direct contact with the skin. It’s one of the most contagious diseases worldwide and can result in death if left untreated. Additional symptoms include watery eyes, bronchitis-like cough, flu-like fever, and rashes. It should be noted that this isn’t the first outbreak in recent months, as the Los Angeles International Airport faced a similar crisis last month. Vaccination is an essential aspect of a human being’s health and shouldn’t be considered a conspiracy.

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