Lithuania and Cyprus Added to UK Quarantine List

The United Kingdom Department of Tourism confirmed that Cyprus & Lithuania had been added to the quarantine list. Individuals travelling from these regions in Great Britain or Ireland will be required to isolate themselves for fourteen days. UK Civilians residing in Cyprus or Lithuania for vacationing purposes were given 24 hours to return home, with the order being issued at 4 am on October 30th. Individuals that haven’t arrived in England or Ireland after four in the morning on October 31st will be informed to isolate for fourteen days. Refusal to isolation can prompt fines reaching £10,000.00.

Statistical data indicated that Cyprus & Lithuania were slated for significant outbreaks similar to Spain or Germany. It prompted the “UK Joint Biosecurity Centre” to alter the P-Rating for these tourism locations. Reliable information suggests that outbreaks could reach 79% of the population for Cyprus, a small island nation. Lithuania is listed at lower percentages of 47%.
The Foreign Commonwealth Development Office in Great Britain have also altered their advisements for Cyprus & Lithuania. Essential travel for both regions is permitted with government-issued passes. Leisure vacations aren’t being supported, evoking financial losses to the Cyprus community. Great Britain & Ireland civilians are known to frequent Cyprus for its oceanfront resorts to tropical beaches.

Lithuania won’t find tourism volumes lowered by being added to the UK quarantine list. Their nation relies on essential travel for tourism, with no viable vacation destinations located in Lithuania. Both countries have had their tourist associations express anger & disappointment to the United Kingdom for this decision. It means that continued losses are sustained for the Cyprus tourism market, with more jobs being furloughed or terminated.

Tracking the Infected

Those complaints didn’t stop UK Law Enforcement from confirming that financial penalties will be issued for individuals found breaking self-isolation laws. Registered tourists from Cyprus or Lithuania are added into the NHS Covid App, which is required for installation upon that individuals return home. Their location is tracked & upon that returned tourist leaving their isolation zone, prompted the warning are issued to local civilians. Law enforcement will then follow that individual’s location to give a fine valued anywhere from £1,000.00 to £10,000.00.

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