Las Vegas Sands Donates Medical Masks & Protective Suits

Corporations in the United States have shocked consumers by donating towards COVID-19 Relief Aids. This extends towards various companies working in the tourism sector, with these businesses losing millions weekly from having no guests. The latest company in the tourism industry that’s donated to COVID-19 Relief Aid Charities is the Las Vegas Sands. Representatives with this Brick & Mortar Casino confirmed that two million medical masks would be supplied to healthcare professionals in America. This extends to first responders and specialized volunteers. Las Vegas Sands will also donate twenty thousand Protective Suits by April 5th.

Corporate Headquarters in New York City and Las Vegas will distribute medical equipment. A large percentage will be donated to NYC, which has become the global epicentre of COVID-19. Las Vegas Sands confirmed that their donations would exceed expectations, allowing for each state to receive one million masks by April 31st. After protective suits are donated to NYC Healthcare Professionals, an additional 20k will be given to Nevada Hospitals. It should be noted that this is the 2nd round of donations supported by Las Vegas Sands. They’ve already donated 100+ medical equipment supplies to local law enforcement in Nevada, and the Healthcare Community.

Airbnb Paying 25% of Hosts Costs During COVID-19

Another corporation that shocked consumers with an expected announcement with Airbnb. They confirmed that 25% of total losses seen from Verified Hosts would be paid out over the COVID-19 Pandemic. This confirmation followed after the Chief Executive Officer released a public statement through Twitter. The announcement noted that travellers had to cancel last minute will be provided refunds from those Verified Hosts. Once VHs confirm that refunds were supplied, 25% of that figure will be returned.

Business analysts have praised Airbnb Executives for implementing these specific measures. This company isn’t under any obligations to provide Verified Hosts or Consumers with returned finances during a pandemic. However, the long-term backlash against Airbnb would cost more than assisting their community. It also allows them to ensure the safety and health of the Airbnb Community. It’s suspected that this decision will cost the Airbnb Company $500 Million between April 1st and May 31st.

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