Holiday Shopping in Rome

Travelling the world has its benefits, with one of them being that you can purchase the best holiday gifts for family and friends. Those travelling in Rome are often unaware of of the best destinations for Christmas Shopping, which is why we have completed extensive research to find those locations for you. Following this guide will remove the need to feel stressed while Christmas Shopping in Rome.

One of the best destinations in Rome for shopping is their main streets. Hundreds of vendors and stores are spread out in this shopping sector, giving consumers multiple options for gifts. The best roads in the shopping sector include Via del Corse, Via Appia Nuova, Via Cola di Rienzo, Via Dei Condotti, and Via Nazionale. Those visiting Rome for a vacation can travel on a shuttle bus, which will take you to these historic shopping centres for a pre-set period.

Standard Shopping

There’s always the chance that you might not want to travel in the cold winter nights of Rome. That’s why department stores in Rome have renovated their stores for the holidays, providing a Christmas aesthetic. The best destinations of department store shopping in Rome include Zara, Euroma2, Roma Est, Porta di Roma, Parco Leonardo, and Castel Romano. These locations will showcase the best fashion from Milan, giving Roman visitors something unique to bring home.

Parents who went on vacation before the holidays must return home with the best Christmas gift possible. Luckily, some of the world’s most fabulous toy shops are located in Rome. Travel to the Campo de’ Fiori District to find an entire area dedication to toy shops and artisan craft studios. This area also supports specialized flea markets, vintage boutiques, and the Rome Wonderland Fair for Christmas.

The Decorations

The best thing about Rome during Christmas is that the entire city is decorated from head to toe. You feel like you’re in a magical landscape, with dozens of Christmas trees designed with national colours. It creates an environment that makes visitors want to return yearly for their holiday festivities. Savers should know that deals in Rome will begin on January 5th. This is when their Boxing Day-Week starts across the nation, where brand products will be 50 – 60% off their average asking price.

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