GTC Reveals Covid Protocol Recommendations

Recommendations have been issued to cabinet members in Great Britain’s parliament, outlining what’s required to restart the Travel & Tourism industry without concerns for coronavirus outbreaks. These recommendations were issued by the Global Travel Commission, which is working alongside international governments to sustain profits into international tourism. It’s emphasised that testing daily is best suited to eliminate outbreaks, with infected tourists recommended to return home immediately. This would eliminate the two-week quarantine requirement for UK Civilians. GTC Representatives suggest that recommended measures be enacted by December 15th, enabling holiday tourism to restart.

Government personnel in Great Britain have retaliated profusely to these recommendations. Worldwide, confirmed cases for Covid-19 are increasing daily. Nations permitting holiday travel would drastically increase outbreaks worldwide. Personnel in Parliament evoked that the “Global Travel Commission” is more concerned about monetary gain than human life & that recommendations would be ignored. That hasn’t stopped GTC Representatives from continuing their demands. Below are the recommendations that Global Travel Commission has issued to Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

  1. Tourists departing from the United Kingdom must be educated on the “Public Health Information Campaign”. International visitors arriving to Great Britain & Northern Ireland would be required to learn the same measures.
  2. Insurance options be provided through the “Civil Aviation Authority” & guarantee that consumers be reimbursed for airfare costs if contracted infections are found on-flight.
  3. Create the “Tourism Recovery Plan”, which would assist corporations & businesses in this sector until 2025. Government personnel are recommended to integrate TRPs with the Economic Recovery Plan.
  4. The last recommendation suggested by the Global Travel Commission is sustain an “Aviation Recovery Plan”, which would financially assist operators in the United Kingdom until 2025. Loans of a Medium-to-High percentage would be provided to guarantee Economic sustainability with aviation.

The Tourism & Health Minister for Great Britain discussed the proposals made by GTC Executives. Matt Hancock noted that the Global Travel Commission have created recommendations meant to guarantee consumer safety & economic recovery. However, making increasing demands don’t follow with the international standards Great Britain sustains. Negotiation will be maintained until Parliament & the Global Travel Commission can reach an accords.

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