Family Fun on Snow Days

Planning the next family vacation comes with many different options and exciting opportunities that everyone can enjoy. Of course, you can choose anything from an island getaway through to visiting the beaches of another country, but don’t forget the beautiful and thrilling snow activities that aren’t just better for families, but also cost a lot less!
Those families who have younger children are sure to benefit from snow days as it includes a brilliant family-fun fill day that can last for hours. Even with older kids it can be a great choice, it simply means a shift with activities, which we cover on this list as well.

So, if you’re from a country that doesn’t have a lot of snow, get ready for some exciting holiday ideas that might just put the sunny island holiday on hold for next year.


Sledding is by far the most entertaining for families with young children as it is nonstop action as you create your toboggan, tube or even saucer and slide your way down the nearest hill. Sure, walking up again might be a drag, but there are many places that provide excellent venues where it’s a lot easier to get back up and much safer as well.

If young children will be joining in on the fun, simply ensure that they are dressed warmly and have thick jackets on to help protect them against those expected tumbles. Start with the smaller hills and take your time to build up to the biggest and much faster hills.


Skiing has to be one of the most exciting sports as there are so many different styles and categories to choose from. You can either go cross country or start at the top of the mountain and make your way down at incredible speeds.

Surprisingly, gives can start from the edges of just 3, but most recommend waiting until about 5 or 6 when they understand the concept better and aren’t too afraid of falling anymore. There is certainly a learning curve with skiing, which is sure to take a couple of days to get used to. However, it is sure to be one of the most entertaining family trips you’ll ever take.


Off to the skiing holiday, you might consider doing it all a game, but taking on the much faster snowboarding option. This is a completely different concept to skiing as you’ll use a single board and stand sideways, much like you would on a skateboard.

While young children have been known to start snowboarding at around 5 or 6, it’s once again better to get started with skiing, which is why we recommend making this an option off to the ski trip.

Ice Staking

Finally, we get to the most popular, which is ice skating. In countries such as Canada, ice skating is extremely popular as many lakes freeze over and provide a massive platform for skaters of experience levels to get on the ice.

Of course, there are also many rinks as well, which might be a better option for your first time as it’s better controlled. Besides, you never know when you skate onto a lake where the ice has not frozen thick enough.

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