Egyptian Tourism Dying with Covid-19

Multiple locations through Egypt have begun suffering from tourist activity following the global coronavirus pandemic. This extended to the city of Luxor in Upper Egypt, with tour guides noting that there’s been evident decline inactivity. Hotel locations throughout Egypt confirmed that reservations had been cancelled, with tourist volumes at notable sites being minimal. This followed after the first infection of Covid-19 was listed in Egypt by Mid-February. Those infection numbers have increased to 196 by March 18th.

Forty-five of those individuals were cruising the Nile between Luxor and Aswan. It was carrying citizens from India, America and France. Six of the forty-five has passed away. These deaths prompted Egyptian Officials to implement travel restrictions on flights between March 19th to 31st. That’ll be applied to limit exposure of the coronavirus across Egypt. However, the substantial drop in tourist activity has prompted for $1 billion in profits to be lost. Egyptian financial analysts expect that same valuation during the lockdown period.

Decisions made by government officials were made after significant discussions were held with medical experts. After Covid-19 Studies were reviewed, it was determined that lockdown measures were required. Hotel and Tourist Hotspots are required to sterilize their respective locations to ensure that Covid-19 isn’t introduced to suspended travellers. The Egyptian Prime Minister expressed on March 16th that 2.2 Billion Egyptian Pounds. That’d equate to $143 Million in USD. Tourism experts predicted these events happening to Egypt, notifying their supporters that a sharp decline in activity amongst tourists would be seen. However, it’ll also prompt the decline of coronavirus on a global level.

Outlandish Claims

It should be mentioned that multiple nations worldwide have implemented Travel Restrictions onto Egypt. This volatile area has multiple warnings to travellers on the warlike conditions. It didn’t take long for politicians to restrict Egypt as an unvisitable nation. Egyptian officials claimed that the coronavirus wasn’t deadly in their home nation, with forty-five reported cases and no deaths. Those numbers have almost exceeded two hundred and seen nearly ten deaths. Nation-wide panic across Egypt has ensued following the coronavirus outbreak. However, Egyptian health experts believe that the pandemic will be curved in three-weeks time and that these travel restriction will be lifted. Tourism companies will begin making a profit again in a short timeframe.

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