Diners Drayton Valley

Any place is often as right as the grub they serve. The food that is served and the diners they do so says a lot about the people both serving and being served. It classifies people in categories of hearty and warm, sophisticated and possibly stuck-up or downright sloppy and lazy. Hence the diners in Drayton speak for themselves and the community in which they are based and judging on what is on offer; you might want to extend your visit in this valley.

The White Bull Café

This legendary landmark serves the best burgers in town already since 1956. That is when Chef Pierre founded the original White Bull Café in Downtown Drayton Valley. Since then, they have done nothing but always striving to uphold the best quality in their burgers and excellence in service. No wonder it has been chosen as the Best Burgers in the Valley by Tripadvisor. Stop here any time of day for a delicious home-cooked meal and superb service.

Mr Mikes Steakhouse

Messing up a great steak should be considered as one of the seven sins. This is, however, never the case at Mr Mikes. It is the kind of place where real people come to socialize over a plate of hearty food prepared with care and love. Their pride is nestled in their Canada AAA steak, paired with excellent wine and great conversation and you have a gig. Just be yourself in you will fit right in.

Mitch’s Restaurant

This is the success story of two Hotel Management Graduates who travelled the world and gained bucket loads of experience and then returned to their home town to take over the family restaurant. Here they spoil their patrons with only the freshest ingredients, daily home-made dough, hand-cut steaks of the best quality which Canada has to offer and their global expertise in the catering and restaurant industry. Ready to cater to all their patrons’ needs from take-out and dining into delivering excellence in the form of catering.

Yokozuna Sushi Restaurant and Bar

For excellent sushi, this is your local restaurant to visit. Always the freshest ingredients and excellent service. Their options are extensive, and a unique collection of only the best sushi options is served within this quaint and romantic setting. This is the perfect place to visit for a romantic Japanese experience in the valley.

Beavercreek Pizza Dive

The options with pizza are so extensive that it is often hard to keep everyone happy. Yet with their comprehensive list of possibilities, Beavercreek will get pretty close to keeping the entire valley satisfied. Here you will find some of the best Stromboli, Goodie Baskets, oven-baked sandwiches and the 215 Cheesesteak pizza. Truly worth a visit for a hearty meal in a relaxed environment.

Cassano’s Pizza King

Another option on Italian delights. Cassano’s has a wide selection of pasta, hearty filled subs, fresh salads and of course pizzas. If the hunger is haunting you, then why not try out their monster-sized pizza? An entire 30 inches of delicious greatness.

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