Crystal River Cruises Unveils 2022 Collection

Travel corporations worldwide are accounting for future vacations and expeditions in 2022. One such company is Crystal River Cruises, who have acquired multiple awards for their high-valued entertainment. They’ve unveiled their collection of river cruise liners for 2022, which include four new vessels. The Crystal Beach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Ravel and Crystal Mahler will set sail in two years time. Itineraries are being pre-emptively sold by Crystal River Cruises, allowing for seven or ten-night vacations. River destinations include Belgium, the Netherlands and Holland.

Those that purchase one of the luxurious packages with Crystal River Cruises will acquire a series of amenities. Those include a Private Butler, King-Sized Reclining Bed and 60” 4K Television Set. Various dining options are provided to guests, with open-layouts and stunning vistas of European-cities from their respective rivers. Restaurants include The Waterside, the Bistro Café, the Vintage Room and the Farm Fresh Deli. Excursions are provided to guests, allowing them to explore rural towns in the aforementioned nations.

The Available Cruises

Below are the available choices guests have when selecting an itinerary. First is the Tulips & Windmills Voyage, which is held between April 1st and May 31st. That is then extended in the Dutch & Belgian Waterways Voyage, which sails between July 1st and August 31st. Both are incredibly similar, with a maximum of several day voyage. Individuals selecting this package stop in Rotterdam, Hoorn, Middleburg, Amsterdam and various other cities.

The 2nd voyage is the Romantic Rhine, which is held for several nights and sails throughout Amsterdam waters, inevitably reaching Basel. Additional stops throughout this package include Strasbourg, Cologne, Rosenheim and Koblenz. Individuals selecting this package will sail throughout Lorelei and Boppard in Germany, providing some of the most scenic locations that Crystal River Cruises offers.

The 3rd package on the itinerary is the several day roundtrip around Vienna, which is dubbed the Dreams & Discoveries voyage. Individuals will stay overnight in Budapest and Vienna while making stops in eight different cities/nations throughout those seven days. Those include Hungary, Esztergom, Slovakia, Bratislava, Melk & Linz, Krems and Austria. This package also sees guests sail in the Wachau Valley.

Special Tips for Booking

Individuals that are considering booking with Crystal River Cruises for one of their 2022 Voyages can benefit from a specialized savings program. Booking two years in advance can earn respective buyers a two-for-one fare, which is offered through the Book Now Savings program. There’s also an additional program named the Extended Land Service, which enables for vacations to be prolonged with multiple-overnight stays in cities like Zurich or Prague. This will come at a reduced rate as well.

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