Conor McGregor, Neymar and Ronaldo all Under Investigation

Sadly, it is nothing new that sports legends are in the original for all kinds of negatives. This week it is all about allocations of rape charges and strange enough it is almost always the highest-earning sports legends.

Neymar Pays for Women to Meet Him in Paris

The Brazilian soccer star Neymar was recently accused of meeting a woman in a hotel in Paris and then raping her. He is the best known and the highest earner, and according to the woman he paid for her flight, and she agreed to meet him at the hotel. Neymar quickly cleared up the whole thing with fans and warned that if this woman continues, he will make all the WhatsApp messages public.

What is strange about the whole Neymar, Paris meeting is that the woman remained in the hotel in Paris for another two days. She did not make the case in Paris and never reported anything to the police. When she went back to Brazil, she did go to the Brazilian police to say that Neymar raped her.

The attack took place on the 15th of May this year, according to the accuser, whose name is not published yet. She and Neymar exchanged lots of messages on Instagram before she then decided to accept his word and visit Paris. He paid, and she met him at Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe in a suite.

In 2009 Christiano Ronaldo was Accused of Rape

It is a decade later, and the 2009 rape investigation is now re-opened, Ronaldo the soccer legend has been asked for a sample of his DNA by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Ronaldo Met Mayorga in Las Vegas

Kathryn Mayorga accuses Ronaldo of rape, this American woman claimed it all took place in 2009 in a hotel in Las Vegas. Ronaldo then paid her for her silence the amount of $375,000. But as he did then and still do to this day, Ronaldo says it was consensual sex.

Lennard Scared of Being Kidnapped by Ronaldo

At the time Ronaldo was celebrating and invited friends he just met at the Vegas nightclub up to his suite during the early hours of 13th of June 2009. Mayorga reported the rape and was examined although she never named her attacker at the time. An English model who is also a reality TV star accused Ronaldo of violent behaviour. According to her, the soccer star threatened her that he would have her kidnapped if she ever dated anyone else.

During all the accusations Ronaldo Signs The Deal of a Lifetime

During all these accusations and legal procedures, Ronaldo moves teams and signed a deal worth $114 million. He scored 14 goals and led the Italian league and tries to focus on his game instead of the media.

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