Camping in Canada – The Gear Checklist

The second largest continent in the world is sure to provide a range of camp opportunities well worth getting excited about. Whether you’re aiming towards one of the incredible national parks, planning a hunting trip or simply looking for a weekend away next to a peaceful river, there are just some things you’ll have to take along to make the trip so much easier and enjoyable.

Those who’ve gone camping before would already know what some of the necessary items are, but there’s always something we manage to forget, especially on those spontaneous trips that allow only a few hours to get ready.

To ensure you’re always prepared, use this checklist and create a standard camping kit that you can just grab with your clothes, and you’ll know you’ve got everything required for an excellent adventure in the countryside.

Your Equipment

The tent is obviously the most important and most obvious, but you would need to ensure it’s the right size. It’s not only about the number of people sleeping in the tent that matters, but also the things you’ll need to store in the tent. Sure, you can leave most of it in the car, but there are just some things that have to be with you. For example, your travel bag that could be quite big, especially with those longer trips.

It’s also a good idea to bring a groundsheet along as it ensures your entire campsite remains clean and keeps the bugs away. These sheets are usually very large and can cover a huge area, allowing not only your tent to stand on it, but the tarpaulin, tables, mess kit and everything else to stand on it as well.

To ensure you’re comfortable, take some time and find a decent inflatable mattress or sleeping pad. Not getting in a good night’s rest could ruin the trip for most, which is why a decent pillow and sleeping bag is also a must.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to have multiple lanterns to have around the campsite at night. You should also have at least two headlights for in the tent. Make sure these are power-efficient LED lights and that you’ve got fresh batteries just in case.

Things that Make it Much Easier

While the above are just the basics, there are a few things you should add to the kit that might not be used every time, but when you need it, there’s simply nothing that would do better.

Firstly, be sure to bring a toolkit that can accommodate anything in your camping gear. For example, if your tent has long pegs, ensure the toolkit at least has a hammer that’s sure to make setting up much easier. If some of your gear has screws and nuts, ensure the toolkit can loosen and fasten them.

Other useful items include a multi-purpose knife set that offers quick and easy to use tools for adjustments and cutting. You’ll also need some type of solar power that can at least charge your mobile device or generate some light if all else fails.

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