Border Restrictions Reimplemented Across Europe

The European Union were beginning to allow international travellers to enter various borders. However, weeks after borders reopened, an influx of COVID-19 infections is forcing multiple nations to implement travel restrictions for the 2nd time. Secondary closures of the tourism industry are being given with short notice, forcing struggling businesses to halt operations & once again face bankruptcy from financial losses.

Civilians that travelled from their home nation to other countries across Europe are now working tenfold to return home. Available flights are limited, with a quarantine order being implemented against nations like Croatia & the Czech Republic. Travellers that visited quarantine ordered countries must remain indoors, without any human interaction, for fourteen days.

An element of political warfare also factors into which nations are reimplementing their travel restrictions. Multiple countries have given threats that if unfair treatment is given to their tourism industry, retaliation would be returned on the same level. It’s prompted an influx of European Union nations restricting each other from having locals engage in tourism. Considering that two or four weeks remain of pleasant weather, Europe has a small timeframe to reinstate tourism. Refusal could see lasting effects on their tourism markets.

Switzerland & Croatia have been listed on the United Kingdom Restricted List, stopping thousands of tourists from enjoying the sparkling blue waters in Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. U.K. Civilians won’t be allowed to participate in any of Switzerland’s winter activities from the result of this restriction. Any British civilians remaining in these nations after August 29th will be forced to maintain a 14-Day Quarantine Period before being permitted to re-engage with society.

Great Britain & the United Kingdom aren’t the only entity that’s banned civilians from travelling to an influx of nations. Belgium has evoked that multiple countries cannot be permitted, including the United Kingdom. All restricted nations include:

  • Malta
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Lithuania
  • U.K.
  • Bulgaria
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Austria

It’s unknown when these countries will permit travelling restrictions to be lifted for a second time. COVID-19 infections must drop substantially across the European Union for consideration to be maintained. It’s estimated that standard concepts of tourism won’t return until Summer 2021.

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