Americans on Climate Change & Travelling

Vacations for Americans have to be changed. This comes after growing concerns regarding climate change and how their travelling efforts could increase emissions globally. It’s proposing a question to travellers. Is there is a more practical way to get to their destinations? Estimations indicate that 37% of Americans have begun using trains and public transportation. The Travel Horizons Firm from Kansas City expressed that the growing pressure for economic and social justice towards climate change is limiting worldwide travel. Their most recent survey was held between October 14th to 27th, where more than 200,000 Americans were assessed.

The issue of Climate Change has become a substantial concern for millions worldwide. People have begun changing how they approach daily life, which applies to the travel sector as well. The Travel Horizons Firm noted in their survey that consumers would pay an increase of 10% on airfare, which would extend to environmentally responsible airlines. However, it’s challenging to lower emissions when engaging with any aeroplane. This survey also questioned individuals on which Resorts or Hotels they’d prefer to stay with going forward.

The percentages provided to Travel Horizons was shocking, with 54% of travellers indicating that they’d stay with resorts that didn’t use single-use plastics. Another 41% of the 200 thousand surveyed reported that they’d travel during the offseason to limit overcrowding. When THF questioned these citizens on how they would traverse these exotic destinations, it was noted by 27% that they’d walk or rent bicycles to reach various locations. This same percentage was provided for surveyors that will only book with environmentally-friendly resorts.

The Survey’s Downfall

Not everything on this survey proved to be welcome news. Travel Horizons revealed that 88% of those interviewed don’t regret previous vacations that would’ve had negative-adverse effects globally. However, 12% noted their guilt towards destroying the environment with prior holidays. It should be pointed out that this 12% is considerably higher than the 5.5% acquired in 2017.

The data acquired from the Travel Horizons survey noted that they were disappointed with these results. Considering that 34% of those that were surveyed indicated that global travel affects climate change, the lack of sympathy towards the environment’s destruction is disturbing. It shows that 60+ thousand individuals aren’t genuinely dedicated to altering their lives for the benefit of our climate. Increased knowledge and information on Climate Change will ultimately change these percentages, allowing them to be considerably higher in two years.

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