Airdrie 2020 Alberta Winter Games

With under 300 days to go before the 2020 Airdrie Winter Game in Alberta fans are already marking down the date in their diaries. Next year the Airdrie AB takes place form the 14th to the 17th of February, for which over 2,800 athletes are already practising, The Airdrie also keeps performers, officials and coaches busy as the competition is tough and thousands of fans will be present.

See Canada’s Elite Sports Stars in Action

The Airdrie games offer Canada’s future elite sports stars the opportunity to get their very first taste of the level of competing at provincial levels. Apart from the variety of spots, the game is a cultural celebration enabling residents and visitors to enjoy and experience Alberta. This experience includes both the local community and culture, via visual arts and numerous performing art events as well as activities. The Winter Games in 2020 is focussed on the future of young sports athletes.

The vision of Airdrie is to offer an exceptional experience at the Alberta Winter Games to the thousands of athletes, the community and the residents of Airdrie. The mission of the Games is to cultivate a sports society rich in community-focused, organizational excellence and to provide opportunities that will highlight the vibrant Airdrie’s culture.

Alberta Sports Connection

The Alberta Sports connection is actually a provincial corporation dedicated to enhancing the life-quality of everyone in Alberta. This is done by promoting multi-sport games as well as athletic excellence. The provincial corporation combined with part of the ministry of tourism and culture in Alberta, support sports services on behalf of the Alberta Government. The sports connection is supported via the lottery fund of Alberta.

Alberta also receives major assistance from several partners and sponsors including the territorial, federal and provincial municipal. Other sponsors include the Provincial, Federal and Territorial Sports committee, businesses, the communities, sports organizations and thousands of eager volunteers.

Alberta Sports Connection Game Zones

The Sunny South is Zone 1, which includes areas such as Hill Springs, Queenstown, Welling Station, Wrentham and Redcliff. Zone 2 is Big Country, including areas such as Trochu, Janet, Dalroy, Namaka and Bragg Creek. Calgary is Zone 3, while zone 4 is Parkland, including areas such as Jarvis Bay, Buch Lake, Botha, Strome and Village of the Lake. Zone 5 is Yellowhead and Black Gold, which include areas such as Alberta Beach, Breton, Yellowstone, Green Court, Jarvie and Marlboro. Edmonton is Zone 6, while North Eastern Alberta is Zone 7. Areas in zone 7 include Buffalo Lake, Fox Creek, Rain, Zama City, Wedgewood and Teepee Creek.

The ASRPWF (Alberta Sports, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation), established in 1994, enhances and facilitate lifestyle, activities and legacies by developing partnerships in active living, sport, recreation and wildlife programs. The Alberta Sports Connection Act was passed in March 2015 by the Alberta Legislative Assembly. The Alberta lottery fund supports the Alberta Sports Connection and reports to the Minister of culture and tourism.

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